MOB G.A.E: MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability

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Our Organization PLATO EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, along with 18 partners from 15 countries, participates in the European programme MOB G.A.E. (Leonardo da Vinci - Key Action 4). The programme lasts 2 years, from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2015. .
The main aims of the project are: to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences, in the frame of EU programmes, in a longitudinal perspective of a group of 2.500 former participants, concerning their personal and professional development and their awareness as European Citizens; to disseminate and exploit existing case stories, good practices, positive changes among the ex participants, the partners within and outside the consortium (enterprises, public institutions, NGOs), acting as promoters, hosting, sending and intermediary partners, interested in improving the quality of their work.

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Online Survey

Questionnaires have already been collected from all over the world, and interviews and focus groups took place in each partner country!

However, you can still help us by sending a story about your Mobility experience to our e-mail.

Stories from former Mobility participants can be found here, where you can also find more info about the programme and the partners that participate.
Have you had a mobility experience? Why did you take part in a mobility experience? If you decided to stay, why? If you went back, why? What did the mobility experience change in your professional and personal life? Would you recommend a mobility experience to your friends?
Send us your story!

Navarra Flash Mob

We have also started getting ready for our Flash Mob event which will take place in May 2015 in all partner countries! More info soon!

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